To the left as you walk into the home you will find the parlor. Arguably the most exquisite room in the house, the parlor is restored to its original charm, sporting original chair rail and door trim, tongue in groove ceiling, plastered walls and beautiful hardwood pine floors.

The fireplace in the parlor is coal burning. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, both coal and wood fireplaces were found in homes. Coal fireplaces were a sign of wealth…since the cost of supplying coal far outpaced the cost of wood. Therefore, more formal rooms, and guest rooms often were coal burning, while less frequented rooms (such as upstairs bedrooms) had wood-burning fireplaces.

The parlor was a room for show and entertaining. Guests were greeted there; it was especially popular around the holidays when friends and family would drop in. Mr. Blue would greet business associates there. It was, almost always, off limits to children – but we’ll make an exception in your case!