Indian Mounds

Indian Mounds have been a fascination since archeologist first discovered their presence. In our region, the Indian Mound at Town Creek State Park is the most recognized.

Closer to Scotland County, one can find the Parham Mound (once a village inhabited by 300 Native Americans), Buie Mound (a sand burial mound, two miles south of Red Springs), McMillan Mound, and Newton Mound.

Dr. David McLean and Dr. Ruth Wetmore led many of the archeological explorations of the mounds. Dr. Wetmore is considered one of the most prolific archeologist focused on the Indian culture in the Carolinas. And Dr. McLean is the founder of the Indian Museum of the Carolinas.

Once thought only to be for burial, the mounds are now understood to be built more for protection and to serve as the ceremonial epicenter of the village. Burial lands were more often at the foot of the mound in plaza areas, than an actual part of the mound.

The mounds cultures reached their greatest level of activity between, 1,000 and 1,400 A.D., but artifacts found at the sites are from as early as the Archaic Period (7,000 B.C.). Hundreds of artifacts are presented at the Indian Museum.